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The Main Idea:
        By making incremental, strategic food promises to my family, I've lost over 127 pounds.

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        I've made the right kind of promises to lose weight -- PUBIMO™ promises.

The Foundation:
        Making PUBIMO promises requires accurate knowledge of nutrition and exercise.

The Purpose of this Website:
        If you are obese, you too can lose weight permanently with the Promise Diet!


I've hit some serious plateaus, both in weight loss and also in weight lifting improvement. I actually weighed a pound and a half more at the Y yesterday than I did on Feb. 4 and I can't bench press even one rep more of the same weight than I could on Jan. 1 and have perhaps regressed a little. The lack of weight loss was in part due to a couple of free-calorie days -- a food-filled Valentine's Day set me back weeks i'm sure -- but other than that I'm eating a bit less than 2200 calories of high-quality food every day and exercising a fair amount and would have expected to lose more. And while it's been a stressfull, busy month, the month before was even more stressful and even more busy with even more lack of sleep...

Anyway, I've been reading online and realize I need to build more variety into my weight lifting, and have begun doing that. (For starters, for at least the past two months I've also done my bench press first, with exactly the same weight.) And I'll keep eating right and I'm sure the weight will come off.

I do wonder sometimes, though, how it works when you're trying to both lose fat and gain muscle at the same time -- exactly how much should be eaten, and is it possible that my 2200 calories/day limit isn't enough and is somehow causing both of these plateaus? Hard to say...

What I'm sure of is that I'm not at my ideal weight yet, although I'm not too far off. I still have some flabby gut to lose!



two "whoops!" this week

These are crazy busy days for me, and, for the first time ever, twice(!) this week I inadvertently made mistakes in writing down my calories and as a result went over by 25 calories one day and 30 another.

Not significant for weight loss of course -- I guess it's a testament to my busy-ness and serious lack of sleep than anything else. It's funny, though: I "feel better" that it was a promise to myself that was broken instead of one to my wife or kids.

Anyway, life goes on, and one of these days won't be so busy, surely! In the meanwhile I'm being more careful with my calorie recording. :)

130 down, 11 to go

I weighed 196 at the Y thi s morning, meaning that I've now lost a total of 130 pounds from my all-time high.

11 more to reach my goal!



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If you are morbidly obese, this website could save your life. I've not completed my journey, but I've lost over 115 pounds so far, most of it since starting something I'm calling The Promise Diet™. You can too, one promise at a time.

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